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TLP’s Counterfeit Program

The 6-Step Counterfeit Reduction & Market Share Growth Program.

The Law Partners 6-Step program is designed to show immediate results while putting systems in place to monitor and give monthly feedback. Among other things, it’s coordinate investigations of counterfeiting to develop the necessary evidence to support enforcement of our clients’ rights.

Enforcement Coalition & Government Leverage.

We can build enforcement coalitions and leverage government enforcement efforts on behalf of our clients. We record client trademarks with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and customs services in other jurisdictions, and assist those agencies when suspected counterfeits are detected. We work with other government administrative and law enforcement agencies that can act against counterfeiters.

Our Network, Works.

We also coordinate with a network of vetted foreign associates to help intercept and staunch the flow of counterfeit goods into the United States or wherever they may be found, as well as pursue the ultimate manufacturers to stop counterfeiting at its source.

Litigation & Settlement.

While TLP litigators are fully prepared to take counterfeiters to trial, we are also experienced in establishing client settlement policies for counterfeiting matters that can lead to successful and cost-effective outcomes short of litigation. In addition, our team advises clients on publicity releases and warning advertisements related to counterfeiting.

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