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Develop Effective Workplace Policies

Let our attorneys help create a compliant handbook tailored to your culture. Access our comprehensive library of model policies and forms.

Stay in Front of Evolving Employment Laws

Work with an attorney to stay current with federal, state and local laws, and keep pace with the rapidly changing legal landscape.

Navigate Complex Wage and Hour Issues

Apply wage and hour laws to correctly pay your employees. Create compensation structures that work for your business.

Improve Hiring and Termination Practices

Make sure your interview questions are legal and terminations are safe. Get help with sticky severance and separation agreements.

Respond to Leave and Accommodation Requests

Coordinate overlapping leave laws. Respond appropriately when an employee needs time off or a disability accommodation.

Actively Manage Employee Performance

Set clear expectations, coach for improvement and document key discussions. Use our team to conduct effective investigations.

Get answers to your questions about

  • Family and medical leave
  • Disability accommodation
  • Employee classifications
  • Overtime, meal and rest periods


  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Hiring, discipline, termination and resignation
  • Layoffs and downsizing
  • I-9 compliance
  • Drug and alcohol issues