Don't Let Another Day Go By Without Doing Something

When you're owed money, every day counts. Each day that passes without payment means another day of untold opportunity costs.

Don't let debtors take advantage of your organization any longer. At The Law Partners, we truly are your partners and we know how to apply the right legal pressure to get debtors to pay. We offer commercial debt solutions that work. Period.


How We Can Compel Debtors To Pay Up

With the TLP Commercial Litigation Attorney’s on your team, you'll have an entire arsenal of legal tools and counsel for enforcing your rights. Your situation might call for:

  • Filing a lawsuit or foreclosure proceeding
  • Locating and seizing assets
  • Appointing a receiver
  • Levying bank accounts
  • Preventing or undoing fraudulent transfers
  • Negotiating a settlement

Leveraging more than a decade of legal experience, the TLP Attorney’s will help you formulate a strategy for getting what you're owed, fast.

Find out which debt recovery solution is right for you. Call (818) 227-5185 for your free initial consultation with our Attorney Staff.


Legal challenges come from all directions. What’ ahead for your business? TLP is uniquely positioned across the United States to help our clients resolve their most complex legal challenges wherever they are.



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